Starting the Conversation

Your input is needed to get this network off the ground.

We have created this web log to begin communications among those in the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia who are church musicians and would like to network with one another. We want to group pages of information and resources here, begin conversations and dream big. Add your comments below to let us know what you want to see happen in this space.


3 Responses to “Starting the Conversation”

  1. Debbie Warden says:

    Welcome to St. Cecilia’s! I look forward to getting to know the other musicians in the diocese as we share resources, ideas, and knowledge and support each other in our common ministries.

    I’m Debbie Warden from King of Peace church in Kingsland. I lead an adult ensemble and share responsibilities for accompaniment at the services with two other musicians. I’ve been a church pianist more on than off since I was 12 years old when I began playing at my father’s church, a small Baptist church in southeast GA.

    Like most church musician’s in rural areas, I have a regular day (and sometimes night) job as a surgical nurse.

    So let us all know who you are!!

  2. Very pleased to see this starting. As the resident musician of the diocese’s largest 1928 Prayer Book parish, I work in a slightly different context than many others, but I have broad experience in the Church. Please let me know if I can be of service to anyone in the diocese.

    • debbiewarden says:

      Welcome, Brian!

      So which hymnal or music resource do your congregation use? Are y’all using the ’82 or the ’40, or even something else?